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"I believe the purpose of foreign assistance should be ending its need to exist. Each of our programs should look forward to the day when we can end it." — USAID Administrator Mark Green

Why is USAID Transforming?

The world has changed — ? from the nature of development and humanitarian assistance needs, to innovative ways technology can provide responsive solutions, to the diversity of partners who support our mission.

USAID must align its framework and foundation to remain dynamic, impactful, and capable of operationalizing Administrator Green’s vision to end the need for foreign assistance.

Through Transformation, USAID will position its structure, workforce, programs and processes to effectively advance national security and support host country partners on their journey to self-reliance.

Through a series of employee-led and interconnected reforms, USAID is:

Transforming Our Programs


Each of USAID’s programs should look forward to the day when foreign assistance is no longer necessary — and we must measure our work by how far each investment moves us closer to that day.

Transforming Our Processes


USAID’s processes will be field-driven, outcome-focused and data-informed, supporting national security priorities and using clear and objective metrics to assess each host country partner’s journey to self-reliance.

Transforming Our Structure


Through structural changes, USAID is creating a more field-oriented, functionally-aligned and responsive Agency capable of ending the need for foreign assistance.

Transforming Our Workforce


USAID is committed to strengthening the ability of its entire workforce to thrive in, and adapt to, increasingly complex and challenging situations and opportunities.


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Last updated: November 09, 2018

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