Supporting Global Stability

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Global Stability

Photo credit: Bobby Neptune for USAID

"Wherever we can, we foster and strengthen inclusive economic growth to help our partners meet their development needs. Ultimately, this helps open markets for American goods and commerce and promotes shared prosperity.”

– Mark Green, USAID Administrator

Despair is dangerous — while poverty does not cause violent extremism, it creates conditions that extremists can exploit. Advancing democracy and governance helps promote sustainable development and peace around the world.

USAID Transforms: Through the Open Government Partnership, 70 countries have committed to improve governance with transparency, citizen engagement, and new technologies. Photo: Bobby Neptune for USAID.

9 Ways USAID is Building a Safer World

Promoting governance, supporting citizens' rights

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Advancing Peace and Prosperity

Combating conflict and extremism amid loss

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Promoting Democratic and Resilient Societies

Moving beyond conflict in the West Bank

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Addressing Vulnerable Conditions Caused by Poverty

Saving a Jamaican community from violence

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Keeping Honduran Youth Free from Gangs

Alternatives to violence help increase stability

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Farmers Build Resilience Against Drought in Malawi

Irrigation system counters water scarcity threats

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Last updated: January 15, 2019

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