Providing Humanitarian Assistance


Photo credit: Bobby Neptune for USAID

"USAID will not walk away from our commitment to
humanitarian assistance, and we will always stand with
people everywhere when disaster strikes, for this is who
we are as Americans."

– Mark Green, USAID Administrator

USAID provides timely and effective humanitarian response,
bringing disaster relief and lifesaving assistance amidst complex crises.

Photo of an aid worker next to helicopter. USAID Transforms. Each year, USAID reaches approximately 40-50 million people with emergency food assistance, helping families meet critical food needs.

USAID Humanitarian Assistance for the Venezuela Regional Crisis

Helping people fleeing crisis

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Ramping Up Relief Efforts in Burma Emergency

Providing for thousands in need of immediate assistance

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USAID Dart Teams Respond in Haiti

Combining forces with the U.S. military


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After Devastating Earthquakes, Nepal Rebuilds

Villagers lead their own recovery

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USAID Brings Emergency Relief to the Caribbean

Lifesaving assistance when disaster strikes

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USAID Addresses Massive Education Needs in Jordan

Overcrowded school accepts Syrian refugees

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Last updated: February 01, 2019

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