Promoting Global Health

Global Health

Photo credit: Bobby Neptune for USAID

"Epidemics don't adhere to international borders. They don't
wave flags. They are invisible threats to our national security.
Without the unique skills of USAID and our partners, we will
not be able to counter and contain them."

– Mark Green, USAID Administrator

Investments in global health protect Americans at home and abroad, save lives, strengthen fragile states, and promote social and economic progress.

Photo of a woman and child lying in bed together

First Breaths With Florence

Innovations help premature babies in Malawi

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From Student to Teacher

One Nepali woman fights malnutrition in her community

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A Refuge for Rosie

Protecting girls at risk of female genital mutilation in Tanzania

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Relieving the Health and Economic Burdens of TB

TB treatment and recovery in Bangladesh

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Stopping the Spread of HIV/AIDS in Malawi

A young mentor helps girls stay healthy

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Curbing the Spread of Infectious Disease

USAID battling Ebola — a nurse’s story

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Last updated: December 02, 2019

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